Going for bust is a breast cancer charity, dedicated to raising funds through its charity shops for local hospitals and support groups in the fight to combat breast cancer in the Dorset and Hampshire areas.

The charity was set up by local people who have been directly affected by breast cancer and felt that charity shops offered the best opportunity to provide both sustained and substantial support for people who live in the area as there was a clear shortfall from funds supplied by the NHS.

The name “going for bust” is intended to be both uplifting and forward thinking whilst generating a positive message, which is hopefully reflected by the attitude of the staff and volunteers in the shops, many of whom have been directly affected by breast cancer.

Since its inception at the beginning of 2013, with the opening of the first ever charity shop committed to solely targeting breast cancer, we have been able to open a further twelve shops due to its success.

As well as our charity shops we also have a support centre open in the centre of Wimborne.  we offer a range of services, including a wig fitting and supply service for those suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy.