The CMSA is responsible for the Pavilion Building and Tennis Courts at the Recreation Ground, and oversees all Tennis, Football and Cricket activities at the Rec.

The facilities are well-used by the sporting clubs, and by the wider community for various events throughout the year. We also hope to accommodate a new Pre-School in the near future.

The CMSA is a Registered Charity and is managed by a committee of volunteers.

Although the Parish Council owns the Pavilion Building, the CMSA has a fully maintaining lease - meaning that we are responsible for funding the upkeep, repair and maintenance from our own funds!

Our only regular income is from pitch and court fees. We do receive grant funding from time to time, but only if we are undertaking specific projects to keep and maintain the facilities.

Over the next 12-18 months, we hope to embark on a new project to replace all the ageing showers (and associated pipework) in the building. The Pavilion has s total of 10 changing rooms and 2 referee rooms, which are all fitted with multiple shower heads in each room. (2 changing rooms and one referee room are currently out of action as changing rooms). The total cost of this project will be in the region of £15,000 so we are delighted to receive the support of the 2019 Carnival in helping us to raise this sum.