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Saturday 9th Dec (or 16th if wet) 4:30 - 7pm

Starting at St Nicholas Church and travelling to Diana Way, Hadrian Way, Cogdean Way, Victory Gardens, Coronation Way, Lockyer's School corner, Towers way, Phelipps Road, Ralph Road, Diprose Road, Warland Way, Jubilee Road, Phelipps Road, part of South Road, Gurney Road, Primrose Way and Pye Close


Sunday 10th Dec (or 17th if wet) 4:30 - 7pm

Starting at top of Henbury View Road travelling down to Hillside Road, Heckford Road, Albert Road, Victoria Close, part of Highfield Road, Wayman Road, Cecile Close, Rushcombe Way, Link Rise and Hanham Road.